Grilled Scallops In Shell

Grilled scallops in their shells are a special dish when you want to explore the flavor of seafood. There's nothing better than enjoying fresh scallops grilled right on the shell. Although this is not the first time enjoying scallops in the shell, this dish is still new and exciting. Read on for suggestions on how you can make this dish!

Grilled scallops

Two indispensable ingredients in all seafood dishes are avocado and lemon. Other ingredients may not make the seafood as fresh, so I usually choose avocado and lemon. Here's what to prepare for grilled scallops in the shell.

Grilled Scallops In Shell

First, squeeze the lemon juice. Place all the scallops on a plate and drizzle with the juices. Toss the scallops well to ensure they are evenly coated with lemon juice.
Next is the seasoning. To keep things simple, I use a little salt and pepper. Sprinkle a thin layer over the scallops and mix well to coat the spices.

Now comes the butter. Peel and melt the butter and mix with the parsley, green onions, red pepper, garlic, and horseradish. Note, not all types of horseradish are the same. You can adjust the amount of butter and horseradish to your personal preference for this grilled scallops in the shell.
Grilling the scallops in the shell is the special feature of this dish. It's prepared in a unique and novel way, and the method is really interesting. Plus, making this Grilled Scallops in the Shell is very simple!

Grilled Scallops In Shell

Next, prepare to light some coals and place the grill directly over the hot coals. When grilling directly on charcoal, keep the scallops shells upright, avoid tilting the scallops out.
Place the scallops on the preheated grill to give them time to warm up. Then, put one scallop in each shell. Hearing the sweet sizzling sound and seeing the little bubbles rising at the edge of the scallop is wonderful. Flip the scallops when the bottom begins to turn golden brown. Let them cook a little more after flipping, then add the butter.

Grilled Scallops In Shell

Use a spoon to spoon about a tablespoon of butter mixture onto each scallop. Let the scallops continue to cook in the butter for a few minutes before removing each shell from the grill.

Serve the scallops in the shell

Remove the roasted scallops in their shells from the grill and place them directly on a serving plate. This dish is pretty without the need for elaborate decorations, but I still added a few slices of grilled lemon for some color. If you want to add something for decoration, some finely grated cheese will work just fine. Enjoy while it's still hot to feel the delicious special flavor.


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